Civil War And Reconstruction

Civil War and Reconstruction in D.C.
Quarter 4 Midterm Paper/Project

Cities remember history in different ways. In some ways, the past leaves “scars” on a city as structures are built and destroyed in their historical context. Beyond this, though, humans often erect symbols of remembrance to preserve the memory of the past in their towns. We see this in the monuments and memorials, gravesites and placards, museums and murals that mark important people, places, and events in our cities. In our study of the Civil War, we must pay attention to what happened AND how we remember it today. What “scars” of the war can be seen in D.C.? What have Washingtonians done to preserve the memory of this event? What story is being told and why?

To end our study of the Civil War in D.C. we will be taking a field trip to several local sites to explore the way our city remembers the war and its impacts. However, this is no ordinary field trip. At each stop you (or your classmates) will be responsible for teaching the rest of us about the site we are visiting. You will, in a group, research the site and explore some of the questions I have provided for you. Your group should also visit the site so you are fully prepared to lead the class once we get there. Once we are on the trip each group member must contribute equally to explaining the site and its significance.

At the end of our trip, you will write a 4-6 page paper that explores the question:

How and why is the Civil War remembered in Washington, D.C.?

Your paper must include information from class readings, lectures, and discussions as well as information gathered on our trip. Therefore, paying close attention on the field trip is important.

The field trip will happen Thursday, April 16.
Your paper is due Friday, April 24. You can submit it to my mailbox at school or email it to me at gro.sloohcszevahc|nitnaf.atsirk#gro.sloohcszevahc|nitnaf.atsirk. You should also post your paper on the website (just create a link below, create a new page with the title of your paper, and paste it in) so others can read it!

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