Field Trip Site Options
  1. Congressional Cemetery (Click on "Tours" and then "Civil War")
  2. Lincoln Park and the Emancipation Memorial,_D.C.)
  3. African American Civil War Memorial
  4. Fort Stevens,_D.C.) and Civil War defenses of Washington, DC

Questions to be investigated:

How does this site reflect the history of the Civil War?
Is this site a "scar" of the war or a man-made remembrance?
What story does this site tell?
How was the site created or preserved?
What impressions do visitors to this site get about the Civil War and its impact?
Why is this site an important piece of DC history and memory?

When we arrive, you will be in charge of leading a tour and pointing out the details of your site. As a group, you should present responses to the questions above as well.

One word answers will receive one word credit: none. Be thorough and thoughtful in what you say.

DC History—Civil War Project Groupings

Congressional Cemetery Lincoln Park African American CW Memorial Fort Stevens
Kiana Montel Jwan Cecilia
Adacia Marco Elizabeth Ashley
Stephanie Micheal Nina Brenda
Allen Million
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