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Site Observation and Research Guidelines

1. Choose one of the sites on the list below. You must actually visit the site to perform your research, so choose a location you will be able to get to in the next week or two.
2. Perform an internet search to find out more about this site. When was it created? Who is responsible for its development? What purpose does it serve? What parts of it are open to tourists? What can you expect when you go to visit?
3. Visit the site. Take pictures and notes of what you see. What physical features stand out to someone viewing this site? What symbols do you notice? What do they mean? How do you feel and what do you think when you see this site? What message is this site sending to those who come to see it?
4. Finish your internet research by investigating specific features of the site you discovered when there.

(I will show you an example of this in class).

Possible sites:

Useful websites:

Check with the teacher before choosing an alternate site.

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