Jwan N

I Am

I am the flesh,blood,mind,and soul of an elite breed,
the fruit of two unitary minds and heat of passion.

I am the strife that holds back the complex mind of the kings;the loyalty,trust,and sacrificing of the young souls of today.

I am the calm before the storm, the empty void in the hearts of those that love.

I am the heartless monster that tortures and slaughters the defenseless horrors of life and the people that controls it.

I am the blood cell of what's real and the instant flash of reality.

I am the goose that get you loose with one sip, the spark that makes you fly for a special trip.

I am the pleasure of sophicated and challenging women, the one simple kiss to expose their true nature.

I am my Brothers' Keeper and Assistant

I am many different personalites

I am me

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