Marco Gomez Camarena

Where I'm From

I'm from Pens and Pads
In place of Dad
Ink's my Bro
Paper's my Lad

I'm from Grade School learning
Ed by Em
And When that Came to an End
Became Pac's pupil
Middle School was the When

I'm from Yesterday
Where Two BIGS
One B.I.G.
The Other L
Gave instruction
On how to function
Before they Fell

I'm from the Today
To Those who've paved a Way
And Haven't passed Away
and Jay

I'm from Writer
J.R. taught me To Be Tighter
Juelz said Rumble
Be Humble
In the Concrete Jungle
So You Never Crumble

I'm From D.C.
And Southeast Slim
Their homegrown flow
Made my future less slim

I'm From Rhyme
Learned how to Escape Time
When the World
Shuts You Out
I Write and Don't Whine

I'm From a Place Avoiding Mops
And Album Flops
I'm from "I'll Never Stop"
Cuz I'm From HIP-HOP.

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