Ms Fantin

Where I'm From:

I am from antenna TV with three channels
From Saturday chores and the Sunday Times,
Hands black with newsprint,
Head heavy with plans.

I am from the Wasatch,
The Tetons,
Geysers erupting on the hour.
From bug spray over barefoot summers with a father who always bated my hook.

I am from the grandmother who prays for me because I procrastinate, and the grandfather who sang nursery rhymes from the driver’s seat.
From the writer who spent late nights running news copy through a hot wax roller to pay her dues.

I am from “reach for the stars” and “yes, you can”
From high expectations
Where excuses go to die
But mistakes are forgiven.

From the brave young brother
Who set the example
“If you want peace, work for justice”
And so I do.

—Ms. Fantin

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